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Our entire inventory is rentable, 1 week minimum. 

1 week - 20%,  2 weeks - 35%,  3 weeks - 45%  & 4 weeks - 50%

A security deposit for the total value is required; cheque or credit card accepted. Items aren't released without rental payment and deposit received.

Damaged items are assessed, an invoice for loss or damage will be issued. Payment of the L&D invoice is required before the security deposit is returned.



Select items from our inventory can be reupholstered with our in-house fabrics. We do not offer upholstery services to the general public.

Selling your mid-century items? 

 Send an email with:

  • Photos 
  • Prices
  • Any special circumstances, ie - not available immediatly, etc.

We do our best to offer a competitive, fair market value for your items!