Buying Danish Modern Furniture - It Could Be The Smartest Investment You Ever Make.

Buying Danish Modern Furniture - It Could Be The Smartest Investment You Ever Make.

Educate before you speculate then, accumulate…


Before taking the plunge and sinking your life savings into that cognac leather Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner, be sure to take time to consider a few things.


If you are buying vintage Danish Mid Century Modern pieces, decide whether they will get daily use and who will be using them. You may love the supple feel of a vintage leather Borge Mogensen sofa but if you have small children (with sticky fingers!) crawling on it, the $9000-$14,000 investment might not be worth it.


Consider where your new acquisition will go in your home. Over many years, UV rays from direct sunlight can breakdown the natural oils in leather, dry out expensive high density foam and fade beautiful finishes. So make sure you choose the right piece for the right space. And if you want your treasured and valuable investment to last, maybe drawing the blinds, keeping water and food away from surfaces and a performing regular maintenance will ensure your special piece will not only give you joy for many years but also retain its value.


And with any sizable purchase and particularly for vintage pieces take some time and do your research. Browse listings on several different online marketplaces and then average prices to get a sense of “fair market value” before you buy. Also, geographic location of items for sale will have a lot to do with how much they are being sold for…if you don’t mind travelling to get a better price on something, it may be worth your while.


Here are a few other tips on educating yourself before you buy


  1. Read

Pick up a few reference books and try to make time to digest all the knowledge you can. Or go online and comb through forums on Mid Century Modern and gain tons of insight from others as interested (and often times more!) as you. My three must haves are: 1000 Chairs, Modern Retro and Millers 20th century design — all three provide inside knowledge, dates, designs, year of production, year of design, Three great sites are: ,


  1. Go to auctions or specialty sales

The only two places where you are able to pick up, touch, feel and experience what the real McCoy feels like. This is one of the best ways to learn about mid century, and trust me, there’s a lot to learn! So if you have the time, go and visit your local auction and maybe even spark a conversation with the auctioneer, its amazing what you can learn from other people.


  1. Collectors and dealers

These are two people with different intentions but the same passion. They have a wealth of knowledge which money can’t buy, so why not pick their brain a little? Collectors are naturally passionate about what they collect and generally love sharing information. Dealers on the other hand can be a little cagey about spilling the beans. If the dealer is reputable and values the potential of a repeat customer, or if they just like to pay it forward they can be encyclopedic in their knowledge and experience…don’t be afraid to ask questions.


  1. Museums
Museums are a great way to see the absolute top quality pieces that money can buy. Museums will only exhibit the very best, so take every opportunity you can to visit the relevant exhibitions. If in Denmark, be sure to make a point of stopping in to the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen:
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