Ready to buy some Danish Modern furniture? Read this before shopping.

Ready to buy some Danish Modern furniture? Read this before shopping.

Buying furniture for your new home or just updating your old furniture to something fresh and different can be exciting. And it’s probably safe to say (because you are on this site, reading this) that you like (or even love!) the design and function of Danish Mid Century Modern furniture but before you get carried away with wanting “one of everything!” here are some important tips to ensuring you get the right piece for you home:


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  1. What are your needs when considering a vintage piece of Danish furniture? Closed storage? Open storage? Somewhere to keep books or a cabinet for your turntable and vinyl collection? Start with asking yourself the question “What do I need / want this item to do?” This will help guide the process of determining what type of piece might suit your needs…and sometimes the answer isn’t what you think!


  1. What size of item can you fit into your space? How much room do you have? Measuring the space you have available is very important when selecting potential items for your home or office. Also, consider measuring the entry and path the item will travel to get to the final spot you have picked out. The room may be able to accommodate the item but your doorways, staircases and hallways may not. With both your space and the rest of your layout, it’s always best to “measure twice, buy / move once”.


  1. Set yourself a budget. We can all agree it is easy to love this furniture however it’s good to know what you can afford and try and stick to it. Good quality Danish designed furniture can be affordable and you can even find some real deals at sales or during certain times of the year. If an item has been properly and lovingly restored there is no reason it can’t last you your lifetime and beyond. It is easy to be drawn to the more prolific designs but typically these are the items that can command the highest prices and it’s good to know what you can expect.


  1. Another consideration is will this item compliment my current décor? Are the colours / materials / shapes going to fit aesthetically into my space? Some people like contrast and will mix dark and light elements. Others like a more consistent tone to their spaces and still others love blending styles, often using a piece of Danish mid-century modern furniture as an accent to an eclectic mix.


  1. If you are in the middle of a renovation or a new home build, choosing the interior fittings and furniture and décor can be an overwhelming task. Wanting to find items to fit your new space is understandable but if you don’t need them for six months or more, then you could find they are no longer available then. This is especially true of vintage items. As you get closer to completing your renovation or build (maybe two months out) then you can seriously begin shopping for items as a furniture shop, like By Design Modern, is more likely to be able to store items for that amount of time.


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